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And he still thinks he is fit to be president…

2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden reportedly offered his sympathies on the two mass shootings over the weekend, but mixed up the locations of both attacks.

Biden was talking to donors at a fundraising event in San Diego Sunday evening when he spoke about the two shootings that occurred over the weekend. The former Vice President reportedly referred to the shootings as “the tragic events in Houston today and also in Michigan the day before,” according to a pool report.

The shootings occurred in El Paso Saturday and Ohio Sunday. Biden later corrected himself, the Washington Examiner reported.

Biden mentioned that he didn’t hold President Donald Trump personally responsible for the shooting. He did talk about how Trump has influence in the U.S.

“You know what, the president’s words have meaning, no matter who he or she is,” Biden said. “They are the face of America.”

Biden has also appeared confused and mixed up names. He referred to then-Prime Minister Theresa May as former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in May. Thatcher was last in office in 1990.

Biden also mixed up his closing statements during the Democratic debate, telling people to “go to Joe 30330” instead of texting the number.

  1. In terms of dementia and other mental infirmities, Creepy Uncle Joe seem just a few short steps behind Senile Nancy on that path.,

  2. The great bully boxer should have enough money from the BRIBE OF ONE AND ONE HALF MILLION DOLLARS HE TOOK FROM COMMUNIST CHINA TO ALTER U.S. FOREIGN POLICY, to pay for the most expensive accommodations in the BEST NURSING HOME…….

  3. His dementia comes out of his swollen zealot ego. He can’t see pass himself, those people he is speaking of don’t mean shit to him, just the sound bite of the subject. Me Me me Me me

  4. All this is typical of ALL Democrats. They SAY and DO anything even if they know anything about the subject or NOT. As I have said MANY times in the past, the party system WILL NOT and HAS NOT been good for America. It SEEDS the government with corruption and it will not improve in the future. IT MUST be changed or America will crumble. The parties are ALWAYS against the other even when they know in advance the other is best for the Nation. Members, have NO say of their own . The are required to vote the party line even when WRONG, and if they fail they are punished. THIS is NO WAY to rule a country.

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