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How could a presidential candidate even think like this…

Pete Buttigieg reacted to the deadly shooting at an El Paso, Texas Walmart, claiming the United States is “under attack” from “homegrown, white nationalist terrorism.”

“America is under attack from homegrown, white nationalist terrorism,” Buttigieg said in his opening statement before the AFSCME 2020 Public Service Forum in Las Vegas. “We have to talk and act about two things in this country: first of all, we are the only country in the world with more guns than people. It has not made us safer. We can respect the Second Amendment and not allow it to be a death sentence for thousands of Americans.”
“Number two, white nationalism is evil,” the Sound Bend mayor continued. “It is inspiring people to commit murder and it is being condoned at the highest levels of the American government and it has got to end.”

El Paso law enforcement has yet to confirm the suspected shooter’s motive.

At least 24 people were shot, several of them fatally, and one suspect was arrested at a Walmart Supercenter.

Police arrested Patrick Crusius, a white male in his early 20s, in connection with the mass shooting.

  1. This person will never be able to help our country. He is looking to make a name for his pathetic self. A big mouth nothing.. So quick to throw in his mixed up comments. How about a little prayer for those poor souls that are suffering in many ways.How about a little prayer for the first responders who put their lives on the line and have to live with the memory of the horrific scene that they have just had to witness and hold themselves together to protect the rest of us.. Lord have mercey..

  2. Leave it up to the ledt to politically exploit tradegy before even having all the facts. They must know that it wasnt actually a white man much less a white nationalist much less a trump supporter, because they have to push their narrative before everyone catches on. This was obviously a set up to target law abiding gun owners and patriots and white conservatives. White nationalists dont even like trump and maga anyway. And thats just fine because we don’t like them. Nice try leftists but your ploy isnt going to work. We know who the violent racist authoritarian terrorists are. DEMOCRATS!!!

  3. You want to know what the problem is, it’s this f__ked up society we are living in brought to you by the elitist neo-nazis that now control the once great Democratic party. Now it’s just a bunch of whiny assed, rhetorical lying, fakenews provaricators. Scumbags that cause all the problems then blame on anyone who opposes their Nazi agenda. They think they are smarter than everyone else, but they aren’t near as smart as their demented egos leads them to believe. God help us all if there are enough dumbasses to put this bunch of psychos in office.

  4. Butthead is Just a puppet for socialists nazi party. He thinks they like him. He’s in for a surprise. Anyone voting for this disgraceful person is just as dumb as him.

  5. Unbelievable, really, pulls out the race card, along with Al Sharpless, The Race card? Really? Is that all you have? Get real, grow the fk up.

  6. Ever notice that Conservatives/Republicans show compassion during tragic moments while Liberals/Democrats seize the moment of tragedies to further their agendas? PATHETIC!!

  7. You have to be pretty ignorant to view the 2nd Amendment as a death sentence. That’s almost as bad as some who compared it to the 3/5th Compromise after Parkland.

  8. Buttigrieg is just echoing the Party line, because his Christianity is weak (if it truly exists at all). The truth, that he doesn’t want to admit [because he is Pro-choice, aka Pro-DEATH] is that abortion [the prevention of a LIVE BIRTH of a baby] sowed the seeds of the DEATH that was reaped [Galatians 6:7 says, “God is not mocked, whatever one sows that will he also reap”

  9. Well butt buddy, you just showed how uneducated you really are!!! You’ll never be president of MY GREAT COUNTRY!! TRUMP 2020…GO TRUMP!!!

  10. Personally I believe rouge elements of the left are engineering these attacks to achieve total gun confiscation. The U.S. Progressive Socialist Left known as the Democrat Party is no better than the Bolsheviks that murdered the Russian Royal Family in cold blood one hundred years ago and laid the groundwork for the Soviet Union. Consider when the Obama Administration was planning Gun Walker, it was opined the guns could be used to kill innocents and police officers. One of the architects of Gun Walker stated “You can’t make omelets without breaking some eggs.” Gun Walker was the Obama Administration scam to push the nation towards total gun confiscation. Untold innocents have died due to Gun Walker Guns and at least two U.S. Border Patrolmen. If the left would do this what wouldn’t they do.

  11. Someone asked -“How can he even think like that?” Well, #1-to begin with, he’s a “mentally diminished liberal”; #2-he’s gay, supports baby murder, transgenderism, the “freedom” of the islamic ideology and open borders; #3-he can’t possibly accept any responsibility for his own shortcomings and stupidity, because he IS a demented liberal and so self-entitled.

  12. Why did ever Democrat now down and kiss the ring on Sharpton’s finger the worst lying race hustler in America and that was said by a leading black leader in race relations. He said Sharpton might destroy the Democrat Party. Can you believe not one of the candidates would stand up a rotten race hustler. It proves none are worthy to be President.

  13. It is absolutely terrifying that “someone” like this is trying to move into the white house. I consider myself an independent and I am supporting the president. But if this were not the case I still could not support any one of the democrat candidates. The democrat party have lost their collective minds. They have shown, just by the actions of this congress, that they want and intend to tear down everything this nation was founded upon and has survived the attempted destruction by other nations for 200 years. Everyone who is qualified to vote in this next congressional election should take a very strong look and what these people are doing and what they are attempting to do before casting a vote. We are self destructing and the time is short.

    1. Right on! This has nothing to do with race but due to a person led astray by evil thoughts and misguided truth of who we are as a nation. This Democrat first of all told a lie that we own more guns that people in the US. What is he saying? Does he spend all his time going to people’s houses checking, taking a survey, or what is he counting? Is he counting military equipment or what is he counting? Unbelievable these politicians tell lies, never tell where their words came from to back up their push to destroy us that may have a gun (we have never owned one!) and never used it for evil. Why is the evil people evil? Why doesn’t he ask that, instead of a gun that is an object that has no thought or emotion and feeling?

  14. How I don’t how you slice it and dice it there is only one answer..People Kill People!!! These idiots actually believe that’s not true!!!

  15. Here we go again. Race! When there is nothing else to fall back on let make it racial. Hopefully we’ll eventually wear that old crutch out.

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