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Liberals were probably not expecting this…

Georgia state representative Vernon Jones, who has publicly endorsed Trump, recently went on a rant and attacked Biden’s newly revealed running mate, Kamala Harris.

He appeared on “Fox & Friends” and stated, “This was a good day for President Trump. Trump has a better record on helping black men and women than Kamala Harris has, than Joe Biden has and as this story gets told more and more African-Americans are coming his way and that is what they’re afraid of.”

He also added that Democrats were thinking that having Kamala Harris with Biden would “help them save the Black vote, but that was the wrong person for that job to do that.”

He further stated that Harris will do and say “anything she can to get elected.”

Jones may be a Democrat, but his ideals are in tune with Republicans. He should really switch seeing as how his fellow Democrats are attacking him for endorsing Trump.

Read the full article here.

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