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She just made a big mistake.

According to Breitbart News, Senator Amy Klobuchar attacked President Donald Trump stating that a “literal revolution going on.”

Klobuchar said, “First of all, that case has been discredited and strongly criticized by people all over the spectrum as that case comes to the Supreme Court. Secondly, the justices could do many different things, and I could take up your entire show with this in terms of how they handle the entire Affordable Care Act. So I don’t concede anything. But what I do know is the Affordable Care Act has helped Americans, so many of them have health care when they didn’t before. They have the protection that if you have diabetes or if you have Alzheimer’s that you are not going to be kicked off of your health insurance. That is a big deal. That is what is at stake. And I think what you translate here, and I think about the fact that this is Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat, Jake. This is her position. She never gave up. So when you ask me about rules in the future and all these things we can look at for reform that are very worthy to look at, I just look at the fact that she would not concede right now, she didn’t concede when everyone told her a man should argue that case. She just kept going. And I think that’s what you feel the spirit of all those people showing up at the Supreme Court, the outpouring of support, all the young people that are willing to show up and vote like they’ve never before voted.”

She added, “All the people that are afraid of four more years with this president than they are less safe than they were before he got into office. No. I think what we have going on in this country with 200,000 people dead. I think it is a literal revolution going on. People have had it with this guy. That’s why Joe Biden is leading in states that no one ever thought that he could win. But he’s going to do it.” You can watch a clip of Klobuchar’s remarks here.

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