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No one is safe from the left…

On HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher criticized Democratic presidential candidates for their attacks on President Obama during their debates. Maher mocked the notion that Obama, a person who is still hugely popular among Democrats, “is not woke enough” and suggested this would help President Trump win re-election.

Maher said, “The Democratic candidates went after the president hard. Unfortunately, the president was Obama. … The guy with the 97% approval rating among the Democrats, his s*** is not woke enough now. Trump saw that, he called Putin. He said, I got this one.”

  1. Obama was not the messiah that everyone thought, if they look hard enough, they will find that Obama was nothing but a Drug user, Dealer, Street criminal, all the things that good decent American’s never want to be. How many billions did he give away to his thieving friends, it is no wonder that he is a multi-millionaire with all the payoff money rolling in, I predict that he will take Jimmy Carter’s place as the worst President ever elected in the history of our Republic. Eventually all the crap that he did will surface and the people that voted for him will feel stupid that they were taken in so badly.

  2. Maddog Maher has always been a whiny ass Wackjob, that idiot done more babbling than an army of hair lips. Obamie, the Great Divider has done more to divide this country in pandering politics that told people who kissed his and the elitist neo-nazis butts that they had rights that dished others. He used his pen to do everything he could to shut down our economy and then lie about it. Whiny Bill was taking up for the scumbag because birds of a feather flock together. GOOD RIDDENS !!!!!!!

  3. He is nothing but a sorry, lying black ass nigger that lied his way to where he is. He has no ethics or morals of a true patriotic American! It is a dam shame that he will continue to get the salary that is paid to ex-presidents. That and the Nobel piece award should be taken from him and kick his black ass out of this country!

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