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How could she do that to her own son…

Democrat presidential hopeful Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) spoke with reporters and further expounded on her argument about white privilege.

“We have a real challenge in this country with deep, systemic, and institutional racism,” Gillibrand said.

“It pervades all aspects of society, whether you’re talking about healthcare where our maternal mortality rate is as high as it is, especially for black women, four times higher, or education,” Gillibrand continued.

Gillibrand then discussed student debt, claiming women of color have to “borrow more” and do not “get paid equally.”

“Student debt is very high for people of color, particularly women of color, ’cause not only do they have to borrow more, but then they don’t get paid equally, so it’s harder to pay back,” Gillibrand said.

“The issue of white privilege is the absence of that constant, chronic, systemic racism that happens everyday,” Gillibrand said before using her son in an example to outline her definition of white privilege.

“My son, who’s white, if he breaks down in a car and knocks on a door for help, most people will help him,” Gillibrand claimed. “If my son was black and knocked on that door, he might be shot. His whiteness is what protects him. That’s all that white privilege is.”

  1. My grandchildren don’t go to college free. They will be burdened with loans
    when they get out of school, and they are white. Show me white
    privilege please.

  2. What a racist pig this rhetoric spewing whore is. She is just doing what the elitist neo-nazis have been doing for decades, playing minorities and the uneducated (immigrates). Telling them how bad they have it and I want to help LOL. The bad part they cause or make up, and they’ve never done a damn thing to help anyone unless it was going to cost a lot and they’ve no plans to pay for it. IT’S WHAT NAZIS DO !!!!!!!!

  3. Come on people, “she threw her Son under the bus?” What a stupid statement. Conservatives, are starting to sound as bad as the Liberals. She simply used him for an example of what she claimed was white privilege. or white over black. I am a Conservative, and I do not agree with her thinking, but she has the right to express her beliefs in the way she chooses. Just like the three out of four comments above and if I have too pick out those three out four to prove my point, you still don’t understand my point. Here,s another point I’ll offer. if I make a fool out of myself with any comment or reply I make, I certainly expect a friend or any other person, to point it out, please. I like anyone else, may not agree, but it will at least cause me to think about it properly. And to be honest, I’ll be surprised if I don’t get quite a few. LOL

    1. Robert it’s easy here to take the high road and feel good about yourself. But there is more going on here than an opinion, to understand what’s going on here it needs to be looked at conceptually. These people you describe as liberals are not liberals they are not democrats, they are not progressives they are not even left, they are elitist fascist neo-nazis bent on the destruction of Democracy. If you pay attention to what they are doing it is following the same procedure as the Nazis did in Germany. Now Americans are a bit smarter than the Germans of the 1930s and they’re not sure what they are doing at this point. But what they’re doing is talking to us like we are stupid enough to believe their rhetorical lies and fakenews bullshit and as an intelligent person I’m highly offended that they think I’m that stupid, it’s very insulting. So as the old saying goes – if you get no respect you show none and these ego-tripping psychos will get none from me. This is a civil war going on inside the system and the fate of Democracy is at stake here. The only thing lgnorants understands is a greater ignorant.

  4. Hey Gillibrand, If a white or black young man came to my door I’d be skeptical with both.Not because of color.I now live in florida and I guess you either forgot or didn’t see on TV a white young man in Palm City I believe,eat a man’s face after killing the couple sitting in their garage relaxing.You are a DumbAss!!!!!

  5. California has more people in poverty than any other state. Therefore, people who live in Washington D.C. must have Washington privilege and be prejudiced against people in California. That’s Gillibrand’s argument. She just uses white and black. It’s the same argument all her looney leftist friends use and its stupid, wrong, and immoral.

    1. BULLS EYE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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