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AOC has gotten out of control…

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) joined the chorus of Democrat lawmakers blaming President Donald Trump for the deadly shooting in El Paso, Texas saying his discourse on immigration is “directly responsible” for the tragedy.

Ocasio-Cortez took aim at the president during a vigil in Brooklyn paying tribute to the shooting victims of El Paso and Dayton, Ohio.

“I’m tired of the questioning if the president is racist. He is,” Ocasio-Cortez told nearly 500 attendees.

The far-left “Squad” member then claimed white supremacy is a global “international terrorist problem” that must be stopped.

“There are so many different issues that are weaving themselves into a braid of violence into our country. One of them is white supremacist terrorism,” she stated, seemingly referring to the Churchchrist, New Zealand gunman, who killed 51 people in two consecutive shooting attacks at mosques.


    1. FIRST-that-”illiterate’-should ‘be placed-in, a ‘special needs-facility! Secondly, -‘Nancy-should-have, ‘screened’-‘it’more thoroughly’-before, she even ‘allowed’-that one’-to be allowed! She, is not only a ‘mental-case’-she is totally ‘ignorant’-of everything! Can not-even, ‘understand’-a ‘GARBAGE DISPOSAL’! and, yet- ‘it’-is still-‘allowed to-‘speak’! GOD-PLEASE-‘HELP US-TO, ‘OVERCOME-THE SUB-NORMAL’S, WHO ‘OBVIOUSLY-HAVE BEEN RECRUITED, BY THE ‘DIM PARTY’-COZ, THEY HAVE-NO ONE ELSE-TO ASSIST THEM’!

  2. AOC and her Pussy Posse, will be riding off into the sunset very very soon, It’s become very clear this illiterate INBRED never completed Middle School and should be required to submit to a Mental Health Evaluation, she’s a Danger to Herself and Others.

  3. Well the Bitch team has to blame someone
    And since they blame the person who was pulling the trigger why not blame the president
    WHAT A DUMB BI**H and the whole mess of democrats
    I still believe age limits and term limits that would stop alot of this crap!!!!!!!

  4. Thre we go again having to listen to this crazy lowlife bitch , she should be in jail for stealing money from her campaign instead she again opening that dirty whiskey breath big mouth she has to talk shit about potus without facts, cant wait for someone beating her in the elections so she can go back to the onlything she does good fixing drinks, and hopefully never hear from her again.

  5. AOC is incompetent, corrupt and mentally unstable. Hope the ongoing investigations related to her
    are resolved soon and this non-American is removed. Her destructive behavior and crimes are an
    assault on the truth, reality, and our Citizens.

  6. All I can say is ditto to all of the above posts. They said everything I wanted to say and agree with. It will be one of my happiest days when this woman is out of office and out of our lives. She is dangerous and a menace.

  7. Article title …. dam stupid, when has AOC ever been quiet! She’s been a mouthy bitch since day one in office! The author needs to get in to a different profession!

    1. Shat about AOC’s brand of terrorism? Not to mention the shady dealings of her now-resigned chief.
      The temerity of this self-important know-nothing is staggering. Only in America would a beer tender aspire to the heights she has achieved – from minimum wage to million dollars missing from accounts, while she asks for a raise and lives in luxury. Unbelievable and sad at the same time, because her poison is spreading and infecting our young people. I cannot wait to see her have to face her most intelligent opponent, She will try to destroy her prior to having to face her, but it will be interesting.

      1. I agree with all of the above people who believe their lies don’t have a brain to think with.just sorry the young people are not being told the truth. Parents should tell them the truth.
        I’m so sick of the lies and the things they come up with . all stupid and evil

  8. No Alexandria you are the racist along with your dems. friends. You people just keep making lie after lie after lie which leads to hate of others. The democrat party are know for their lies and for wanting all power. That is why they do not work with Trump. WHY? Because he won the election. GET OVER IT GUYS. Trump is not racist. He is putting America first. What is wrong with that?

  9. Yes, AOC and ANY Democrat’s paying attention, there ARE White Supremacist’s in our country and has been for centuries Tell us WHY you feel you can blame ONE President for their existence? This only proves to ME, just how evil and stupid your Party and it’s’ members are. Evidently, you believe that every time a Democrat wins the White House or the Democrat’s wins the majority in Congress, these white supremacists just disappear, out of existence and reappear every time a Conservative wins. THAT is INSANE. We have these episodes happening when either party wins. THAT means to ME, that mental illness is the culprit behind these attack’s and to blame ONE PERSON for ANY of them IS as I said, INSANE.

  10. Ya know, Ya gotta be nuts to think up the things that come from her mouth, no “Normal” person would think of or speak of the things that go through her head.

  11. If you follow AOC`s logic then Elizibeth Warren and her socialist retoric are directly to blame for the Dayton shooting since he was a follower of Warren. One can not be true without the other by default being true. Guess she is throwing Lizzie under the bus.

  12. Ocasio Cortez is as full of crap as a Holiday goose. Big mouth, no substance. Didn’t she go to the border and then faked the picture in a parking lot that was empty?

  13. Haven’t figured out just what this woman is relating to. Really can’t see that the President contributed anything to the nut that killed the people in El Paso. AOC, please explain how he contributed as a “racist”. Do you suppose he also contributed as a “racist” in Ohio? You and your kind have just about used the Race crutch to the limit. When you run out of things with any validity you have to fall back on the “race crutch”. Enough is enough. Please go away, FAR, FAR away and never surface again. You are in insult to the American people.

  14. Usually the person or persons claiming racism and calling others doing bad things are the ones themselves that are the RACIST. Namely the FOUR HORSE MEN in the GOVERNMENT NOT DOING THEIR JOBS THAT THEY WERE ELECTED TO DO for their Districts!!!! President Trump is not the Racist here. The DEMOCRATS since 2016 have been calling out Racist Ideology all through their campaigning going to try to get President Trump out of office. The Four Horse men are acting more like racist Communist Thugs from another country instead of stand up American citizens who should be working and doing their job the American People have elected them to do. If they can not do their jobs they need to be recalled and took out of the Government job and put someone who can do the job for their District!

  15. this twit does have as much scene as a rock and is less useful at least a rock can be used she does not know how to do anything except complaint about the best president we had in many decades

  16. Mamas little trick bag can memorize lines.
    That does not mean that she is right.
    I think she is more racist than any.

  17. By the Psycho Princess’s own logic, if logically followed the blame for El Paso weights totally on the backs of the Democrats. Americans are sick and tired of having their tax dollars being spent on these people instead of American citizens and to make it even worst they are doing it so they can get the ignorant bastards to vote for them and they can finally crush democracy. With your own money!!!!!!

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