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They are furious over this.

According to Breitbart News, Sen. Tom Cotton slammed former Obama National Security Advisor Susan Rice stating that she “was the Typhoid Mary of the Obama-era foreign policy.”

“As the president’s national security adviser has said, as the Department of Defense has said and now that the intelligence community has said, this intelligence was not corroborated, it was not verified, it was not briefed to the president for that reason. But it’s not surprising to me that Susan Rice, in an effort to be Joe Biden’s vice president, is distorting those facts,” Cotton outlined. “Susan Rice was the Typhoid Mary of the Obama-era foreign policy, and Joe Biden, as Secretary of Defense Bob Gates has said, has been wrong about every major foreign policy decision of the last 40 years, so those two would go together very well.”

He added, “President Obama stood by as Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine. When Ukraine begged for defensive aid, they sent blankets. President Trump sent Javelin anti-tank missiles. Let’s look at President Obama’s record on arms control. He negotiated a terrible arms control treaty with Russia that leaves us at risk of being outgunned by Russia and China combined. President Trump has been eliminating obsolete arms control treaties from the Cold War. So, at every turn, President Trump has been much tougher on Russia than President Obama ever was.” You can watch a clip of Cotton’s remarks here.

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