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This is why the Democrats can’t win 2020…

On his Wednesday program, nationally syndicated conservative talker Rush Limbaugh explained how the Democratic presidential debates underway in Detroit made promises that were supposed to steer the country toward “utopia,” but instead have had the opposite effect.

Limbaugh pointed to Obamacare’s failed promises and the deterioration of some Democrat-controlled cities as evidence.

“Look what the Democrats did,” he said. “They passed Obamacare. They promised utopia — and, as usual, we get hell. We get misery. We get ‘infestation,’ we get ‘vermin.’ We get absolute misery and unhappiness. We get an endless parade of victims of whatever policies the Democrats implement. Now they’re back to promising utopia again! Obama promised utopia with Obamacare! It’s not working. So here they’re back trying to double down on it for some reason. The only things that find utopia when the Democrats are in charge are rats and flies.”

“You’d have to say that rats and flies and vermin are having their own utopia because they’re running free all over Democrat-run cities, are they not?” Limbaugh continued. “It’s gotta be utopia for the rats and the vermin and the maggots. But it’s not utopia for the people the Democrats are promising all of this utopian stuff to. And as I watched, I was continually reminded of how angry these people are — literally enraged, poisoned with it. I think it’s their hatred over any number of things.”

  1. They (Democrats) gave us Sanctuary Cities, most of which are run by Democrats, where they allow ILLEGAL Immigrants to live without danger to them being deported or arrested for crimes they may do. In short, a place where you may commit all sorts of criminal acts freely. Look at those cities NOW. They’re disgusting and nothing being done about it. Is this what you want for your communities and your Country? I think not, and President Trumps bringing it out in the open, forces improvement to finally be activated.

  2. I became a Democrat because my parents were Democrats. It took me about 20 years before I
    started to see through their real intentions for this country. I immediately switched to the
    Republican party after a democrat disaster. Now they are destroying our cities making them
    sanctuaries for criminals and illegals. We need to be rid of them.

  3. Much to Democrats chagrin, Rush is always right. But they are known for fighting dirty so there may be an October surprise. They even tried it with the Kavanaugh hearings. I hope enough people see the light to give Trump a landslide and Republicans the House back. Let us hope this time they use their power to solve some problems.

  4. People have to wake up to the fact that the politicians, the political class, are not our friends. They are self-centered, greedy, power crazy idiots and mostly lawyers that have no knowledge on producing anything other than hot air and big words. Lawyers should stay out of politics and concentrate on the law. Government is big business and should be run by businessmen and everyday people. Government needs to be grounded…arrogance and ego has destroyed this country

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