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ABC News has fallen down the hole and will never be able to come out…

During a press conference on Wednesday, President Donald Trump publicly rebuked ABC News’ Jonathan Karl for reporting that the video from a Kentucky gun range was in fact evidence of Turkey attacking Kurds in Syria.

At the press conference, featuring the president alongside Italian president Sergio Mattarella, Karl asked Trump if he had “any regret for giving [Turkish president Recep Tayyip] Erdogan the green light to invade?”

“I didn’t give him a green light,” the president replied, noting that the U.S. had a very small number of soldiers near the border, and that Erdogan had written a “very powerful letter” against the invasion of Syria by Turkey.

“And when you ask a question like that, that’s very deceptive, Jon, it’s almost as deceptive as you showing all of the bombings taking place in Syria, and it turned out that the bombing that you showed on television took place in Kentucky. So, you know. And I’m not even sure that ABC apologized for that. But certainly, it was a terrible thing.”

“I think ABC owes an apology,” he added.

Trump was responding to a report that ABC News was reporting on Sunday and Monday, saying that they had received video footage of the war in Syria.

The video, reported by ABC News to be an assault on Tal Abyad’s border town, was aired on Monday morning on World News Tonight and Good Morning America. However, Gizmodo’s comparison shows that the footage was taken back in 2017 at Knob Creek Gun Range in West Point, Kentucky.

The Washington Examiner reported that a Turkish official from Erdogan’s party had tweeted the video footage in support of the offensive in Turkey. That video is still on Twitter:

The footage turns out to be from Kentucky, though.

The Examiner reported that ABC News took down the video reports and issued a correction and apology, but as of Tuesday it had not done so on air.

At the press conference, Karl — the network’s chief White House correspondent — continued, without acknowledging the president’s criticism: “[Senator] Lindsey Graham just said of your remarks that you made in the Oval Office that if you keep talking like that, “this will be disaster worse than Obama’s decision to leave Iraq.”

Trump retorted that “Lindsey Graham would like to stay in the Middle East for the next thousand years. … I want to get out of the Middle East.” He said that Graham should focus on the Senate Judiciary Committee, which he chairs, and ought to focus on the effort by the FBI and the intelligence agencies to monitor his campaign during the 2016 election. “The people of South Carolina don’t want us to get into a war with Turkey — a NATO member — or with Syria. Let them fight their own wars.”

He added: “You should get your accounts correct. You shouldn’t be showing buildings blowing up in Kentucky and say[ing] it’s Syria, because that really is fake news.”

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